by Joseph Weisenthal

There's An Election Coming Up, So Time To Bring Out The Line About Protecting The Children

from the this-again dept

As candidates throw their hat in the ring and gear up for the presidential election, there's going to be a lot of talk about the need to "protect the children" from damaging influences in the media. Several candidates on both sides of the aisle favor some sort of measures to regulate television violence, while at the same time, the FCC is expected to release a damning report about violence in the media. The fact that the candidates are coming back to this incredibly tired theme is really evidence of a lack of new ideas on their part. Furthermore, while many, such as FCC chairman Kevin Martin, like to talk about "family values", it seems rather anti-family for the government to usurp parents of their responsibilities. In case regulating free speech doesn't go over too well, a renewed push for a la carte cable, which would allow parents to choose only the channels they want, could come, although it presents some problems of its own. Ultimately, the best solution would be for parents to teach their kids good decision making, and if that doesn't work, there's no law against cancelling the cable.

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    FostWare, 23 Jan 2007 @ 3:23pm


    Parents relinquished their responsibilities ages ago.

    It's now MySpace, video games, movies, and pop music, etc who at fault for the ills of the children of the world - really.



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    Anonymous Coward, 23 Jan 2007 @ 3:40pm

    hey i havent relinquished mine

    btw if you care about your kids and their health and eduction

    home school them, teach that the things you were taught and you hold valuable

    make sure ther vaccinations done have thimerosal (mercury based preservative)

    make sure they are taught about the values and principals this country was founded up

    instead of all this state controled, government controlled NWO controlled BULLSHIT PROPAGANDA that they indoctrinate our children with now

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    misanthropic humanist, 23 Jan 2007 @ 3:54pm

    English-Politics Dictionary

    Joe, they're politicians. Although the farmyard animal noises that spew out their pie holes sound a lot like words you're reading into it to much, it's just the sound of the lime green jelly between their ears slopping about. Allow me to help you decode...

    measures to regulate television violence

    translation: From now on there will be a standardised headshot with a minimum 20 degree crainial spray. All rape scenes must last no more than 60 seconds.

    "family values"

    translation: average price on international slave trade market, or full life insurance value of one family killed in industrial accident, whichever is less.

    "protect the children" from damaging influences in the media.

    translation: Protect the children from damaging the influence of the media.

    (small change, big difference)

    and if that doesn't work, there's no law against cancelling the cable.

    Oh you think so? Yet. How would 40,000 volts change your mind?

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    Non-idealist, 23 Jan 2007 @ 5:12pm

    Less than ideal world....

    Okay, normally I agree with Joe and Mike on various topics, but this tired issue is one I don't agree on. Parents should teach their children values and force them to live by them, but it has been shown many times over that parents are often too tired or busy or culturally misguided to make the right decision for their children. Therefore, if they want to take violence off of the tv, so be it. It is definitely bad for kids and parents can also do without it. Has anyone seen the study showing that people who are most disatisfied with their life watch tv the most? Yes, parents should do their jobs, but this world is less than ideal, so we rely on the government to pick up the slack of the lazy parent.

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    weebit, 23 Jan 2007 @ 6:32pm

    here we go again

    I am sick of the same crap. I am not voting for anyone that uses my TV networks as a shouting match too their rivals. leave the TV alone. Use it only to show us all the good you have done for us Americans so far. Detailed reports would be nice, but leave your rivals out of it.

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    ScytheNoire, 23 Jan 2007 @ 6:57pm

    i'm still waiting for the politician to run on the platform of "let parents be parents"

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    Lethal Dose, 23 Jan 2007 @ 7:14pm

    Weird, in my country, portugal, we dont try to hide stuff like sexuality and violence from our children, we leave to the parents to educate and chose what theyre kids can or cannot see, and what to deside. apart from the regular standard children rights laws, we put no unfundamented restriction/censorship in our kids/parents lives. And gess what, the average portuguese child does much better then the average US child. Are they smarter? no, just more aware, because there isnt a govermant dictating what the parens can, cant or should do and think.
    I gess in the end, 3000 years VS 500 years of cultural maturity has its perks.

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    |333173|3|_||3, 23 Jan 2007 @ 9:16pm

    Ah yes, that is a god idea: hoping for cultural maturity from a country which was founded by a bunch of puritans fleeing from thiose who wished to get revenge on them for trying to opress them (Puritans tried to abolish Christmas), and comparing that country with a one of the signatories of the oldest continuosly upheld treaty (a non-agression pact an arms supply deal with England signed to ensure that the English archers had a reliable supply of Yew to fight the French)

    Anyway, the solution of getting rid of Clable is not bad, but then there's the 'net, friends houses, and a whole range of other sources of unwanted material, so education is the only way which is likely to work, unless the parents make thier childern live like hermits.

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    Max, 24 Jan 2007 @ 12:58am

    Home School

    You can home school a child and teach them information, but you cannot teach your children social skills. I know kids in college with myself right now that have the social skills of a 6 year old, coupled with the hormones of an adult.

    Please don't do that to your kid.


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    Enrico Suarve, 24 Jan 2007 @ 5:05am

    Picking a candidate

    Personally I would pick based on the arguments they make and policies they propose (if any) that don't start "save the children" or "family values"

    The STC promises usually don't amount to anything afterwards anyway so theres not point listening to them even if you were interested

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    Yet Another anonymous coward (profile), 24 Jan 2007 @ 6:47am

    Let's turn around the cannons...

    ... the enemy is behind us.

    Family values - and elections. All those nasty attack ads, blatantly promoting hate and ugliness, with kids asking parents "What's the KKK?" and such.

    let's get a campaign together to strike down as family hostile all the ugly, mud-slinging ads that penetrate every possible slice of available air time. Let's turn the cannons around and point them at the real enemy.

    My point is that the ugliest ads are usually from PACs. Media folk are not to blame - they could get into FCC trouble for refusing an ad. THERE IS NO REGULATION ON WHAT THEY CAN AIR. It doesn't have to even be true. Slander laws can't help.

    Lets instead call these ugly creations hostile to family values!

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      Enrico Suarve, 24 Jan 2007 @ 7:22am

      Re: Let's turn around the cannons...

      My god Anon I think you got it

      The main problem with american politics these days isn't the bi-partisan politics itself, its the way that to fully engage in it, the candidates and issues pushed tend to be vile filth. This helps to alienate an ever increasing percentage of voters

      Ban their filth (for the children obviously) and see what they can really come up with

      NB - I don't think this is a uniquely American problem - you just seem to lead the world in it at times ;0)

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  • identicon
    Sanguine Dream, 24 Jan 2007 @ 7:50am

    Good points...

    Its amazing that policitians will say something to the effect of, "protect the children" everytime a soundbyte opportunity comes up. But then they turn around and base their political ads soley on the dirt of their opponents, which are aired during prime time when those children are likey watching tv.

    This is a basic rundown of every political ad we will see for the coming 2008 election.

    Candidate A:"We need to protect the children. Don't listen to Candidate B. He has evaded taxes, dodged the draft, and cheated on his wife. Remember, protect the children!"

    (I didnt use the usual she/he because women don't sign up for selective service upon turning 18)

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