When Choosing Between Two Brands, Why Keep The Less Popular One?

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The real clincher for AT&T's buyout of BellSouth was its desire to control Cingular, their wireless joint venture. Cingular, you might remember, bought AT&T Wireless back in 2004, and spent a good chunk of change on rebranding efforts to make consumers aware of the change. Given that, it was a little curious to see the news that AT&T plans to quickly phase out the Cingular brand as it seeks to unite all its units, services and products under the AT&T name. But it wasn't just the money that made it strange, it's also the fact that the Cingular brand represents something very different than the staid, old (albeit well-known) AT&T one. Cingular's brand is all about wireless, and represents something much more forward-looking than the old fixed-line mentality AT&T evokes. However, a marketing research firm has added a little more fuel to the fire with a report saying the Cingular brand is much more popular than the AT&T one. Granted, its metrics sound a bit fuzzy, but it reports that AT&T is the least talked about telecom brand, and when it is mentioned, fewer of those mentions are positive than any other telecom brand in the US as well. Things get even stranger when you consider how AT&T said that AT&T Wireless had broken its brand by offering such poor customer service and gaining such a bad reputation. It's hardly clear why AT&T thinks it's got more to gain by consolidating everything under its less popular brand name. While the AT&T brand may have a lot of recognition, the thoughts that follow aren't necessarily good ones.

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  1. identicon
    Devious, 23 Jan 2007 @ 6:47am

    Never Again

    It is the buy out wars, it started with Suncom, (I had excellent service with them, the only company that I never had a problem or unresolved issue) who got bought out by At&t (the service went down hill fast), then Cingular (they killed the excellent deal I had with Suncom, the only company to offer nights and weekends from 7 to 7 at the time and free mobile to mobile) bought them out.
    Then with Cingular, the service go so bad, I could never connect, my calls were constantly dropped( still charged for them), even had an instance where I tried to dial 911 over a dozen times and could not connect because the "network" was "busy"....
    Needless to say, I have T-mobile now.....
    I hae a Cingular phone from my work, and there has been no improvement. I just pick up my T-mobile phone when I need to make a call.

    What's worse, is that I Had Bellsouth for the home phone and DSL internet, can't wait to see what happens now.... I might go back to dial up becuase the cable companies here are even worse than At&t ever thought about being....
    Now that is bad.

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