by Karl Bode

FBI: Terrorists Can Operate Airport Webcams, You Know

from the well-duh dept

A new "assessment" from the FBI and the Homeland Security Department suggests that airport webcams are the latest public menace, and may be used by terrorists to plan their attacks on the nation's airports (via The Raw Feed). The warning was triggered after a link to an Alaskan airport webcam was posted to an unspecified "extremist website," raising concerns among the feds that terrorists were using the cameras to track "security measures, guard shift changes, and pedestrian and vehicular traffic patterns." No specific instance of webcam use by actual terrorists was given, and the warning is "precautionary", says the feds. As with the recent Google Earth terrorism worries, terrorists are going to get the information they need whether or not these technologies exist. We're guessing that a group seriously considering an attack isn't going to rely solely on grainy 100 yard views of tarmacs, but it's nice to know the FBI and Homeland Security have realized that public access webcams shouldn't be aimed at secure airport facilities. Still, we might be safer if we just shut this whole Internet thing off.

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  1. identicon
    Rational Thought, 15 Jan 2007 @ 6:16pm

    Knowledge is Dangerous

    I guess this goes to show that the theory about information being accessible by a priviledged few is the only way to prevent misuse of said information by miscreants. Of course, there has never been misuse of information by the powers that be, elected or otherwise. As Stu points out in #2 above, scare tactics can make the public acquiesce to relinquishing more and more freedom and restricitng access to information to the authorities, who will ensure that no one ever harms us again. That has worked so well for totalitarian regimes, its high time we give it a shot here in the grand USofA. But, I am just a cynical old coot.

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