Sony Takes Bow For Technology Emmy It Didn't Win

from the hallucinated-awards dept

Earlier this week Sony proudly announced that the company had won a Technology and Engineering Emmy Award for their motion sensitive SIXAXIS PS3 wireless game controller. Gamers were dumbfounded, since it's the Nintendo Wii controller that first made strides in innovative motion sensitivity, and it's debated that the SIXAXIS's less sexy motion sensitivity was included as a late development cycle rush job in response (at the cost of force-feedback). Someone decided to ask the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences what the hell was going on, and apparently Sony won no such honor. The award Sony received was actually for their dual shock analog controller, released years ago. Sony took most of today to address the award hallucination as people debated whether the company was just confused, or was intentionally misleading the public in order to re-inflate what has been a difficult launch cycle for their PS3 game system. Ultimately the company issued a brief statement that blamed the mixup on "miscommunication between the two organizations."

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  1. identicon
    techguy83, 11 Jan 2007 @ 8:34am

    Re: Re: Re: Re: personally...

    quote: "Oh, also to the OP:
    Sony met their sales target of 1mil and is rumored to have shipped out up to 200thousand additional units.

    I'm all against many of the things they've done but from a pure console gaming point-of-view and (finally) a format-intro point of view, they've at least got something right."

    Umm, got any sources? Because that is Sony's shipped quote, not total sold, because there are too many PS3s sitting on Gamestop/Eb Games/Rhinos Games/Wal-Mart/Frys/Traget/Best Buy/etc.. shelves for that many to have been sold before the end of the year, unless you have sources that prove me wrong, I'm going to assume your just quoting misinformation there.

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