Verizon Draws More Attention To Telco's Dubious Math Skills

from the Streisand-effect dept

A Verizon Wireless customer on their "unlimited" EVDO data plan (aka their limited data plan) recently took a trip to Canada. Before leaving, he confirmed with Verizon Wireless that their advertised ".002 cents per kilobyte" out of country data charge was correct, since it seemed ridiculously inexpensive. When he returned to the States, he was greeted with a bill for $71, and discovered that he had been billed $.002/KB, or "point zero zero 2 dollars per kilobyte," a hundred times more than the price he was originally quoted. When he called Verizon Wireless to straighten out their incorrectly advertised price, he found that both support reps and management couldn't tell the difference. After a hilariously painful recording of the conversation was posted to his blog, the media attention forced Verizon to offer a full refund, though as of mid-December the company was still quoting the wrong price to users. To have a little bit of fun, the user started selling T-shirts on his blog making fun of Verizon's math skills, much to the chagrin of the telco's legal department. They've since sent him a lawyergram (pdf) warning him to stop using the Verizon logo. Obviously Verizon is ignoring the Streisand effect -- and any resulting legal action against the site will only serve to bring attention to the fact Verizon can't differentiate between dollars and cents.

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  1. identicon
    ruck, 11 Jan 2007 @ 1:07pm

    You guys just don't know who to talk to.

    I have sprint. My plan started out at $30 for 250 peek and 250 off peak.

    So I called them and got a customer server rep {by the way they have no power to change anything.}
    I told them my problem and told them I needed to talk to the people in the cancellation department. {This is the key}. I informed them that I was going to cancel my service. They asked why not enough minutes. The said how about we up you minutes for the same price. I did this 3 times there called comp minutes. My plan is now 600 peek and 3000 off peek for the same $30 .
    7am to 7pm.

    My other phone is 150 min for $11.99 .

    I never paid for a phone they will give them to me every 2 years. As long as i sign up for another 2 years.

    With these plans, I have no problem doing another 2 years.

    Like in all the customer service if you don't like you anwser ask to speak with a boss.

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