On Angels, Opportunities And Experience: Techdirt Welcomes Mark Fletcher To Our Board

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Some of you may have noticed (judging by the emails we've received, more than a few of you) some reports last week about how Techdirt had raised an angel round (also reported here and here). As a company that's grown over the years by profitably building out our Techdirt Corporate Intelligence business, we've avoided many opportunities in the past to bring in outside investors. However, at the end of last year, we announced the Techdirt Insight Community to a tremendous response from both bloggers and companies (for those of you who haven't yet, bloggers can sign up here and companies can sign up here for more info). In some ways, the response was too overwhelming. While we've continued with the beta tests, and will be expanding the service to more bloggers and companies in the upcoming weeks, we realized that we could do much more with some help.

At that point we focused not on finding money, but on finding a group of individuals who had experience, knowledge, connections and know-how to help us to not just succeed with the new offering, but to help the entire community, from insightful bloggers to companies needing insight to succeed. We're thrilled that we were able to find just such a group of successful entrepreneurs with many successful companies under their collective belts, who believe in our vision, and have agreed to roll up their sleeves and help all of us make the Techdirt Insight Community a success. We're absolutely thrilled that Mark Fletcher, founder of ONEList (which became eGroups and then Yahoo Groups) and Bloglines, asked to lead the round and will be joining our board. Already he's proven to be a great resource in helping us move forward, and with his extensive entrepreneurial background and knowledge of the blogosphere, we know that we've only scratched the surface of the help he (and the others in the round) will be bringing to the table.

And, of course, as we move forward into 2007, the real thanks needs to go to the always fun, growing and challenging Techdirt community of readers, contributors, commenters, lurkers and linkers. You've helped us become what we are today. Keep an eye out for new features and services that we'll be adding for the community-at-large in the coming months as well. Thanks again, and please welcome Mark.

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  1. identicon
    Jason Bateman, 10 Jan 2007 @ 2:20pm

    Re: the future of techdirt

    Isn't TechDirt's InfoAdvisor exactly what you are requesting? If so, than what you are asking for (suggesting) is already available.

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