by Joseph Weisenthal

No Merry Christmas For PS3 Speculators

from the too-easy dept

A few days ago, we pointed to a post by Clive Thompson, in which he noted that the value of getting a PS3 before they were available to the public was somewhere in the ballpark of $2,000, as buyers bid up their price to nosebleed heights on eBay. Since then they've cooled off significantly, sliding steadily through Christmas day. This has defied the expectation of speculators, who had bought them up, hoping to sell them for a rich profit to procrastinating parents right before Christmas. As it is, many of those profiteers had to return the boxes to the stores to get a refund. In a sense, it wasn't hard to see this scheme failing. After such a rapid rise, the price had nowhere to go but down. And even though there's a lot of pressure on parents to get a box under the tree on Christmas, apparently many realized that it made sense to hold out a few more days. So, next time a really hot videogame box is released, don't do the obvious thing and buy them up before Christmas. The real money is in figuring out a way to short them, as you would a stock.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 30 Dec 2006 @ 10:35pm

    Re: Re: Get a grip shall we?

    "your point of view is severely flawed. you don't just lose out on 40 gigs of hd space. buying the 20gb ps3 essentially renders the HD quality and bluray ineffective as all video will be down sampled to 480p. now, you may still hold your point of view, but considering one main selling point of next gen consoles is hd quality, the fact that the 20gb version lacks it is somewhat damning of that version. this also completely destroys the selling point of having a bluray device."

    Wrong. That was changed in the final design. Ask any member on 20Gig version has HDMI and does not downsample.

    i take it you're referring to the xbox 360's overheating problems. you should probably retract that statement as i've had conversations during classes with several other students concerning this very issue. i'll agree that the stories of plenty of ps3s in stock are over exaggerated. you'd be lucky to find one or two."
    No I'm referring the PS3 ones.

    Other than that I agree with everything you've said. Although, I do know a lot of console gamers who buy the Wii as a second console, I forgot to think of the PC exclusive gamers I see commenting here and on /. want no other console but the Wii.

    I'm planning on getting once the price drops $50 (I don't find it being worth $250 just yet) at least. Well, no matter what, I will be waiting (something most of these people buying consoles off ebay should be doing) until just around March to get a next-gen console. I'm more than pre-occupied with various PS2 and PC games I need to beat through first.

    And I realized my last comment was a hell to read through grammatically.

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