Google Quickly Reverses Course On Flying Solo In China

from the not-going-it-alone dept

Although the large Chinese market seems to hold a lot of promise for American internet companies, there's no doubt that most of the big ones seem to be struggling there. eBay recently waved the white flag, admitting that its China business was basically going nowhere. Google, too, has failed to see the same success in China as it's had elsewhere around the globe. The company was an early investor in market leader, but pulled out to focus on Google China, which remains a laggard. Still, just last week, the head of its China operations, Kai-Fu Lee, insisted that the company would not partner with any domestic companies, as Yahoo did with local firm Alibaba, last year. Well, Google's solo ambitions didn't even last until the end of the year, as the company has invested in video download firm Xunlei. Considering how much money Google's already invested in the video space, it's a testament to the difficulty of the Chinese market, that Google still felt the need to invest in a regional player. And if the company is willing to abandon its go-it-alone strategy in video, it seems likely that they'll do the same in other areas, if they don't start to gain any traction.

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  1. identicon
    Chuck, 29 Dec 2006 @ 8:04am

    China sucks

    These crafty dog and cat eaters are not to be trusted.


    Last month the Russian Government demonstrated how governments let foreign businesses transfer technology and assets and when the business is up and running they just take everything and kick the foreign investor out on his ass. Shell Oil has all of it's natural gas investment in Russia just taken away, a $20 billion dollar investment. This is where Google is headed. They have not been successful because they are being blocked until the commies can get under the hood and see the engine and how it works

    Without American innovation born of our open society and free markets, they can only steal out ideas and sell them back to us after producing them with human fodder paid a sub-existence wage.

    It is time for us to tariff Chinese goods until they peg the RNB to the dollar, clean up their environment, respect human rights, respect intellectual property, and stop putting Lassie and Tabby on the butcher's block.

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