Is The Good Old Pager Coming Down To Its Final Beeps?

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It's been nearly five years since we reported that some people were still clinging tightly to their pagers, despite their obsolescence in many ways thanks to the mobile phone. Few companies still actually make the devices, and with so few users -- just 7.4 million nationwide -- once-thriving pager-repair businesses are now dwindling as well. That's hardly surprising; what is a little, though, is that pagers have continued to hang on. Their real strength is in the medical market, where doctors and hospitals still rely on them because they more reliably penetrate buildings, and they can be used in areas where cell phones are banned due to concerns they'll interfere with medical equipment (or interfere with hospitals' revenue from high-price in-room telephones for patients). But the days of the venerable pager look numbered: hospitals' attitudes about cell phone use are starting to shift, while many are installing WiFi-based systems that offer far greater functionality than simple paging.

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  1. identicon
    DeepGeek, 24 Feb 2014 @ 8:57pm

    "Summer of Snowden" made me buy a pager again...

    Living in a big city, and knowing "the man" can, with the cell carriers help, pinpoint me on a map is just too freaky. One way pagers, without the transmitters of their two-way cousins, don't triangulate you. A feature we must now examine thanks to privacy concerns.

    I'm actually loving it. Not that I could actually ditch a cell phone in this day and age, but I can at least pull the battery out of my cell and have a half hour "off the grid" here and there. In the meantime, my cell company has "message carbon copy," which copies my pages to my cell, for it's version of "assured messaging." SMS receipt turns all cell phones into "paging terminals" too.

    A great tool to familiarize oneself with a again and to to to your mobile lifestyle on this post Edward Snowden age!

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