Vista: The OS That Does Less, Costs More, And Can't Protect Squat

from the pay-more-get-less dept

Security holes aren't the only problems facing Windows Vista -- security researcher Peter Gutmann has penned an article (via Against Monopoly) analyzing how Microsoft has decided to integrate a number of cumbersome DRM solutions which collectively degrade the performance and capability of the new OS. According to Gutmann, the Vista Content Protection specification could "very well constitute the longest suicide note in history" -- just to integrate a technology Bill Gates himself admits is rife with dysfunction. To lock down HD content, Vista limits the number of connectivity options for customers, in some cases actually degrading image quality -- incurring additional licensing costs that drives up the price of the OS for consumers. Gutmann suggests these decisions will have some collateral damage as well; the hoops hardware vendors now need to navigate could mean a rise in graphics card cost with a subsequent decrease in performance. The only reason Microsoft would risk so badly annoying consumers and hardware vendors is if they're harboring dreams of locking down the distribution channel a la iTunes in order to corner the market on home distribution of high-definition content. Of course if history is any guide, the DRM efforts will ultimately fail anyway, meaning the extra effort simply contributes to a more expensive, less efficient and less useful operating system for the user.

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  1. identicon
    Obey, 5 Aug 2009 @ 1:58pm

    HOLY SHIT wah wah wah! Hulk on Blu Ray! We were all wrong about Vista being an bloated, insecure, resource hogging, over priced piece of proprietary dogshit after all. Now are you talking about Green Hulk or Hulkster Hulk? It doesn't matter because I admire both of them. I would totally buy three versions of Vista and one version of XP just to watch either of those fellas tear their shirts off.

    You wanna hang out later?

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