How The French Take English Internet Words And Make Them Acceptable For French Ears

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More than six years ago, we wrote about how the French, ever protective of their language, had rejected a bunch of commonly used words to describe new technologies such as email, and created their own official French-approved versions. The process, of course, is an ongoing one, and an attendee at a recent meeting explains the process by which the French come up with officially acceptable French ways of saying things like "ipod" and "pharming." As the article says: "The words are created by a panel of industrialists and savants, either from scratch or based on observations of evolving usage. The Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Industry has set up a Special Commission on Terminology and Neologisms in Electronic Communications to carry out such work." Apparently, just letting languages evolve naturally (while perhaps requiring that much less bureaucracy) is just way too messy.

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  1. identicon
    CloakedMirror, 15 Dec 2006 @ 1:22pm

    This is almost too stupid to stand...

    The partisanship in the conversations here make it one of the most laughable stories I've ever seen on TechDirt. I'm not even sure why they published this, unless they are working up to having a "Useless Political Rhetoric" section like you find on Digg and /.

    I am particularly entertained by the people that are stuck in the cycle of telling us all about how awful the United States is. Whether it's those that barely have enough English language skills to write a coherent sentence, or it's the people that don't have any actual understanding of history, I would hate to try having an actual conversation with you.

    Your ignorance seems to be your strong suit, although I wish I believed you were actually just ignorant. Unfortunately for all of us, you may actually be stupid instead of ignorant (if you don't understand the difference then I suggest you buy a dictionary).

    I do have a special place in my heart for those of you like "misanthropic humanist" and "sceptic". You guys (if there are actually two different people with such low levels of intelligence here) are amongst the elite in the world. The fact that you can spew such idiocy as...

    Yeah, seriously, do check your history. First of all, check your stats on which direction the Eastern Front was moving in 1944. You'll find out that it was moving West, that would in the direction of Germany.

    to support your argument that France was somehow helping in the fight almost made me fall out of my chair with laughter.

    Well, I could go on all day pointing out your inability to form any rational reason for hating the United States, but I don't really have the time to try teaching history and language to those that probably wouldn't be able to grasp the concepts anyway.

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