How The French Take English Internet Words And Make Them Acceptable For French Ears

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More than six years ago, we wrote about how the French, ever protective of their language, had rejected a bunch of commonly used words to describe new technologies such as email, and created their own official French-approved versions. The process, of course, is an ongoing one, and an attendee at a recent meeting explains the process by which the French come up with officially acceptable French ways of saying things like "ipod" and "pharming." As the article says: "The words are created by a panel of industrialists and savants, either from scratch or based on observations of evolving usage. The Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Industry has set up a Special Commission on Terminology and Neologisms in Electronic Communications to carry out such work." Apparently, just letting languages evolve naturally (while perhaps requiring that much less bureaucracy) is just way too messy.

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  1. identicon
    because I have a life, 15 Dec 2006 @ 11:01am

    One Last thing

    "And rather it is proper or not, the world economy does depend upon America. And in only a little over 200 years we have grown to become the most powerful nation in the world. Why did you people let that happen? "

    Does money and power equal happiness? America has the strongest economy - no objections there. Why did that happen? It just may be that other cultures don't value money and power as much. I don't think other cultures systematically envy America's power. I do think that many Americans think that's the case (not to mention those who think they own the world). Everybody wishes they'd be American, right? Well I have my doubts.

    I have respect for America and Americans, but I'm not about to move there. I'm rather proud of who I am and although I would probably have a much greater income in America, I like the quality of life where I am now. Far from all the media hype, political mess. I value peace more than power and money.

    There's also the theory that because of globalisation, the rich get richer while the poor get poorer, no matter how many billions spent in foreign aid.

    There is so much wealth in America, that even the "intellectually challenged" get a great share of power. To me that's what's scary.

    There's nothing more depressing than to watch a bunch of millionnaires act like clowns - especially when it affects the whole planet.

    Now how did we go from computer tech terms to this??!

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