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How The French Take English Internet Words And Make Them Acceptable For French Ears

from the non! dept

More than six years ago, we wrote about how the French, ever protective of their language, had rejected a bunch of commonly used words to describe new technologies such as email, and created their own official French-approved versions. The process, of course, is an ongoing one, and an attendee at a recent meeting explains the process by which the French come up with officially acceptable French ways of saying things like "ipod" and "pharming." As the article says: "The words are created by a panel of industrialists and savants, either from scratch or based on observations of evolving usage. The Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Industry has set up a Special Commission on Terminology and Neologisms in Electronic Communications to carry out such work." Apparently, just letting languages evolve naturally (while perhaps requiring that much less bureaucracy) is just way too messy.

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  1. identicon
    sceptic, 15 Dec 2006 @ 10:41am


    No wonder you decided to remain an anonymous coward...

    "We didn't sit on the fence. America didn't want to join a war that wasn't ours. Whenever we did, for what ever reason, we did save your ass. The war was NOT turning. Check your history."

    Yeah, seriously, do check your history. First of all, check your stats on which direction the Eastern Front was moving in 1944. You'll find out that it was moving West, that would in the direction of Germany. Also check the facts on natural resources that Germany planned, but didn't get due to the losses on the Eastern front.

    "Saving your ass" sounds like such a nice thing for you to do, but you must be 15 and not 50 to think that any country would expand so many resources and sacrifice people just to save some ass across the pond. If Nazi Germany was to win and US refused to have a treaty with it, Hitler's plan was to battle US by whatever means until US surrendered.

    Furthermore, US DID sit on the fence and for a damn good strategic reason, to see how worn out USSR is. America was afraid that if USSR forces were to prevail in Western Europe (as it was happening) then all of it would fall under communist rule. Note, America has been in quite aggressive war on communists since early 20th century. So June of '44 was a good time for US to enter so that Soviet Union does not get all of Europe and even then it was a bit late. See East Germany for example. It was a shrewd (if morally questionable) move on America's part and even though you try to pass yourself as a proud American, you certainly got a few things to learn about the inner working of your own government and what it has done to help you live free.

    For those that compare Bush to Hitler, you're asses. Truth is, we have not taken over one country. We could though. We could take over YOUR country if we wanted.

    I find the comparison just as preposterous, but beyond that you are just playing with words. Lets see, do Panama (twice), Nicaragua, Cuba, Haiti, Bolivia remind you of anything? And I am not even going beyond Western Hemisphere yet. US has meddled in the business of many countries and often with force. And however covert that force was, it was force nevertheless and for questionable reasons at best. If you are going to defend your own country, an honorable deed in my opinion, you should know not only its good deeds but the bad ones as well. At least it won't seem like you listened to too much propaganda as a child.

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