How The French Take English Internet Words And Make Them Acceptable For French Ears

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More than six years ago, we wrote about how the French, ever protective of their language, had rejected a bunch of commonly used words to describe new technologies such as email, and created their own official French-approved versions. The process, of course, is an ongoing one, and an attendee at a recent meeting explains the process by which the French come up with officially acceptable French ways of saying things like "ipod" and "pharming." As the article says: "The words are created by a panel of industrialists and savants, either from scratch or based on observations of evolving usage. The Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Industry has set up a Special Commission on Terminology and Neologisms in Electronic Communications to carry out such work." Apparently, just letting languages evolve naturally (while perhaps requiring that much less bureaucracy) is just way too messy.

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  1. identicon
    misanthropic humanist, 15 Dec 2006 @ 8:22am


    "Actually we call the French cowards because they let Hitler march into the capitol city without a fight because it would have destroyed a "Beautiful city"."

    I think you fail to appreciate what a shrewd military decision that was. Given the overwhelming forces they faced moving out of the city to fight a geurilla war of attrition through the Resistance was smart.
    No occupying army has ever "won" an urban war against a determined opposition, as the USA is discovering (again) in Iraq.

    "The Americans who died on D-Day thank the French military for that one, as well as the forsight of the Maginot Line."

    No they don't, they're dead. You've watched too many propaganda films with John Wayne in I think. D-Day was launched from Britain, thanks for the help and everything, but you guys sat on the fence for 4 years until the tide was already turning and then joined the winning side. And then sent us the bill for your services.

    "Thanks France, you really saved the Americans from Nazi Rule!"

    That doesn't even make sense. And the way things are going these days the only people who can save America from "Nazi rule" are yourselves.

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