People Don't Hate Advertising; They Hate Bad, Intrusive And Annoying Advertising

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All advertising is not the same. Forrester Research has a report out that's getting some press coverage claiming that consumers hate advertising. The evidence? More than half of US household use some kind of ad-blocking technology, such as a spam filter or a pop-up blocker. However, that hardly means that people hate advertising. It just means they hate totally annoying, intrusive and unwanted advertising. Not all advertising needs to be that way, and given the number of people who pass around the latest viral video ad or watch the Super Bowl just for the ads, it's pretty clear that people like certain types of advertising very much. It just requires the marketers and the advertisers to stop thinking of advertising as a second class (or third class) type of content that needs to be forced on people. Instead, it's about recognizing that ads are content, and if it's good content, people will be willing to watch it (or even seek it out). However, it really does need to be good, relevant and non-intrusive. Then, there's no problem at all. There's never going to be a technology designed to block out the ads people want to see. So, no, despite Forrester's claim, people don't hate advertising. They hate bad advertising -- and they always have. It's just that technology is finally letting people be more proactive in avoiding that kind of advertising, which is a good thing.

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  1. identicon
    Eric, 3 Jan 2007 @ 8:02pm

    I despise LowerMyBills ads


    1) I viscerally hate the Lowermybills (LMB) ads, and
    2) they can be killed by uninstalling Adobe Flash Player.

    I work all day at my computer and the dancing/jiggling/humping ads from LMB are unbelievably distracting. They appear on almost every webpage I open, and seem to be AOL's leading advertiser, because the ads are absolutely everywhere on AOL - on the welcome screen, in my mailbox, on each letter I open, etc.

    They continue to get more frantic and more obnoxious as time passes. The dry-humping morons on the rooftop, the dancing/jiggling (cowboys?); whatever. I just can't stand it.

    I could go on and on, repeating many of the rants of people before me, but here's a solution:

    Kill Flash Player and you kill the dancing cretins.

    Maybe Flash is required for some sites, but that cost is NOTHING compared to the joy of being able to surf even the pages of without seeing the frantic LMB ads. Many of the places where the LMB ads used to load, now only load static ads. They clearly test to see if you have Flash and run a different ad for computers without it loaded. I am getting a lot of University of Phoenix and Netflix, both of which are infinitely preferable to LMB. The rare LMB ads that load do not move. It truly does my heart good.

    Check this out for annoying: a number of months ago, LMB somehow corrupted my browser, and every time one of their ads loaded it opened a window to the LMB website. No doubt a tactic to raise their traffic numbers, it was intensely annoying because every time it opened a window it captured my cursor. So, if I was typing, I had to stop and click the window closed to recapture my cursor. Often, I would have typed a sentence or two before I realized what was happening. I bought Stopzilla to kill what I thought were pop-ups, but it didn't work because the corrupted file essentially clicked on the ad to open the window and thus circumvented the pop-up blocker. It took me many hours of trial and error with tech support, etc., to find out that I had to reload my browser to correct the corrupted file.

    To say I despise LMB is a monumental understatement. Their cost to my productivity has been tremendous over the years.

    Kill Flash Player - Kill the Dancing Morons.

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