People Don't Hate Advertising; They Hate Bad, Intrusive And Annoying Advertising

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All advertising is not the same. Forrester Research has a report out that's getting some press coverage claiming that consumers hate advertising. The evidence? More than half of US household use some kind of ad-blocking technology, such as a spam filter or a pop-up blocker. However, that hardly means that people hate advertising. It just means they hate totally annoying, intrusive and unwanted advertising. Not all advertising needs to be that way, and given the number of people who pass around the latest viral video ad or watch the Super Bowl just for the ads, it's pretty clear that people like certain types of advertising very much. It just requires the marketers and the advertisers to stop thinking of advertising as a second class (or third class) type of content that needs to be forced on people. Instead, it's about recognizing that ads are content, and if it's good content, people will be willing to watch it (or even seek it out). However, it really does need to be good, relevant and non-intrusive. Then, there's no problem at all. There's never going to be a technology designed to block out the ads people want to see. So, no, despite Forrester's claim, people don't hate advertising. They hate bad advertising -- and they always have. It's just that technology is finally letting people be more proactive in avoiding that kind of advertising, which is a good thing.

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  1. identicon
    shawn, 17 Dec 2006 @ 12:19am


    we should make a huge list of all the ads that we saw in the past. im talking about that fucking annoying webad that shows this mosquito that needs to be slapped, and the noise wont quit on ur computer till u fucking reloaded the page and hopefully you dont get the same ad again, and the smileys ad where you pass ur mouse over it and it says some crap like holy cow. man wat is the mentality of those ad writers, who buys products really because of some commercial, maybe once, but if that product is shit then thats it, despite the advertisement, we need to instill the message into them that unless they have some really good worthy product, no matter how fancy, how much time they spend on advertising isnt gonna get anyone to buy anything, for more than once, it might get them to try a product, but not get them to become customers. almost always when on the internet i would close an ad before i even get to even get a glance wat the crap it says on the ad, i see an ad, i close it, if it was annoying enough to actually not allowing me to close it or even dare to catch my attention for a few seconds, i would make the mental note of the company and product of that ad, and swear to myself never to buy anything from that company. think about wat that does to the whole advertising industry if everyone was with me. if they've got so much guts and time and money they should use it to improve their products, not their ads. i thot about all the great products that ive bought periodically and all the great stuff that i should, besdies my dell, which is a hunk of crap. all of the products taht i consider good are those that were rarely advertised on TV, i personally think a referral by a friend, doesnt have to be close, any friend or person even on a forum is at least 90 percent mroe effective than ads, thats how i determine if i should try a product or not in the first place.

    (i dont talk about TV b/c i dont even watch it anymore b/c of commercials and b/c we dont have the digital recorder that allowed u to record and skip the ads anymore)

    for those bad ads- writers, im not talkign about good-ads, b/c those you can ignore and boycott. im talking about bad ads, like the mosquito ad, watever company that made them are lucky enough that we didnt line them all up in a line and shot them one by one, no not enough, i cnat express my hate enough.

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