People Don't Hate Advertising; They Hate Bad, Intrusive And Annoying Advertising

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All advertising is not the same. Forrester Research has a report out that's getting some press coverage claiming that consumers hate advertising. The evidence? More than half of US household use some kind of ad-blocking technology, such as a spam filter or a pop-up blocker. However, that hardly means that people hate advertising. It just means they hate totally annoying, intrusive and unwanted advertising. Not all advertising needs to be that way, and given the number of people who pass around the latest viral video ad or watch the Super Bowl just for the ads, it's pretty clear that people like certain types of advertising very much. It just requires the marketers and the advertisers to stop thinking of advertising as a second class (or third class) type of content that needs to be forced on people. Instead, it's about recognizing that ads are content, and if it's good content, people will be willing to watch it (or even seek it out). However, it really does need to be good, relevant and non-intrusive. Then, there's no problem at all. There's never going to be a technology designed to block out the ads people want to see. So, no, despite Forrester's claim, people don't hate advertising. They hate bad advertising -- and they always have. It's just that technology is finally letting people be more proactive in avoiding that kind of advertising, which is a good thing.

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  1. identicon
    Are U Kidding ???, 8 May 2015 @ 9:49am

    Pathetic Capitalism & The Idiocy Behind It All...!

    Not Correct! I for one, Do Hate All Advertising Without Question.
    Why? It IS Pathetic Because the ignorant & obscene amounts of money spent on them is just one of the ever growing Bogus things driving costs up for the rest of us. Thus, after We actually pay for the ads in the first place (by way of over pricing for rising ad costs+)(Rolls-Eyes), now we Must have Broken Web Pages Because... Taboola,BookFace,G+,LinkedIn,Gravitar,Twitter,Clouds,Reddit, ScoreCard, Captcha, AdServers, Beacons, Popups, Pop Under, Peak Around, Reach-Arounds... Oh God! This List is Soooo Long, Ridicules and Proves yet again that the Corrupt Corporate Structures behind this crap are Criminally Insane. They've RUINED Practically EVERY DECENT Site We Used To Love with Their CrossDomain, Css Injection, Third Party, Partner Scripts, Scripts and yet more Scripts, Front Door, Back Door, Side Door, Window Breaking/Hijacking BS!

    YouTube was one of the greatest sites ever, now it uses so many different mirror servers hooked through Ad-Servers for Each Micro Chopped Up Video (claiming this speeds things up)? Videos wont even Load much less Play unless you open yourself for Hijacking's and Hard Drive Scanning or else! Because they demand you watch that 20-30 second ad to watch a 10 second video? Better Still is the claim they make little or no money? Wow! Classic Capitalism BS!

    Ask Yourself, Where does the ad money really come from and go to? They simply pass the buck at our detriment and expense.
    Oh! And Don't get me started on the Big Dirty F-Book Criminals & All Their Money Chubby Friends.
    I'm gonna punch a screen if I see Just 200,000,000 more White F's on a little Blue Icon!
    Another Question... Why would any sensible person want facebook, google, twitter, reddit, bla bla, bla bla bla, in their Personal Banking Screens? Because they got a Copy Everything On Your Page Including Your Passwords and you would want to share these with who? For What? This IS Criminal Activity At The Highest Level! Period! Wake Up!

    Tap Tap Tap,... Where's The Easy Abort Button On This Thing?

    The Internet is Not Worth Using Anymore! I Think They Are Counting on This too...
    Now Pick Your Face Up Away from the Tablet/Phone and Talk to someone with your mouth, not your fingers... God, we've become anti social idiots thinking otherwise... So Damned Sad!

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