Xmas Lights Degrade Wi-Fi Signals, Better Shelve That Holiday Cheer

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It's Christmas season again, which means it's time for the newswires to be stuffed with company press releases that use yuletide gimmicks to bask their brand in (Christmas) lights. One wireless monitoring software vendor is gunning for press today by informing everyone that Christmas Lights deteriorate your Wi-Fi. Using the software they're trying to sell, the company concluded that light-up holiday decorations actually degrade your signal strength by 25%, and increase signal deterioration over distance by one-third. Of course there's an endless sea of things that can impact Wi-Fi signal strength, from low quality baby monitors and metal shelves, to microwave ovens and Bluetooth gear; hopefully the company doesn't deem it necessary to offer up an inane press release for each. Somewhere though, there's a grumpy bottom-line boss tearing down electronic Christmas cheer and plug-in cubicle Christmas trees in the name of productivity.

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  1. identicon
    Jeff, 6 Dec 2006 @ 5:34pm

    Homeland Security

    I'm seeing Jon Stewart squinting and talking with his hands, doing his commander-in-chief impression: "And when you get over there talkin' to the Israelis... If you're ever usin' yer laptop com-pyoo-tur, make sure you take a couple boxes of these here Chrissmass Lights... wrap yourself and your laptop up in a couple of strings of 'em... that way Terr'rists usin' The Google can't be breakin' into our wireless networks." "Mister President... I don't think..." "Condi! Shuddup! I am The Decider! And what I say goes. You're gonna use them Chrissmass Lights, cuz that's what I've decided you're gonna do. The deciderings already been done, so don't try an argue it no more."

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