Still Addicted To Calling Things Addictions

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Every few months, it seems we see an article talking about the worries of some group of psychologists about how some technology is addictive. It's been going on for years. There have been claims about email addiction, web addiction, online porn addiction, video game addiction, internet addiction, and mobile phones or other gadget addictions. The latest is a bit more specific, talking about how people are addicted to online fantasy games like World of Warcraft. However, once again, they offer no proof, and other studies have found no physical dependency on video games. Part of the problem is that all of these stories seem to mix cause and effect. In almost every case of these "technology" addictions, the more you look at it, it sounds like the person had a more serious mental problem, such as depression or a real addiction, such as to drugs or alcohol -- and that played itself out by having them immerse themselves in the technology. In fact, the article starts out by pointing to one case where that's exactly what doctors said with someone who committed suicide while playing EverQuest (he was depressed) -- and then flip it to say that doctors today are taking the issue of fantasy game addictions more seriously, though they don't say why. What's changed to indicate that it really is these video games that are the problem, rather than depression or loneliness or some other issue that's leading people to seek comfort in these games? It's easy to just blame the game, but if it's not the real root of the problem, focusing in on that as the addiction is only going to lead to more trouble for the individuals later on when they seek some other solution to their real issues.

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  1. identicon
    benji, 4 Dec 2006 @ 10:31pm

    WoW online addictions..

    just because i like being called:
    mimiru_16_mietsugi_XxTHE GREATxX
    at school and on online games..does not mean i have an addiction....

    i play mmorpgs...and i have to say...i absolutely love can pretty much control every aspect of you life in them..its pretty much living anothers version of your life..."hint" Role-Playing-Game....but i cant say im addicted..sometimes i start playing and i cant some ways that may be an addiction..but eventually i do..maybe after 4 or 5..sometimes 6 i think that what happens is that some users get confussed or dependent with a world that is completey up to them...they can build relationships with people they will never see or have more confidence in themselves...but in real life...completely opposite... affraid of the world and low self esteem....its more of a release i think...and some people just get "hooked" on being wanted in a game...rather than in real life..i dont call it an addiction i call it being wanted..

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