Turn On GPS, Turn Off Brain

from the you-know-what-they-say-about-assuming dept

One of the common reasons given for people to exclude technology from education is a fear that people will come to rely on it too much, and either be lost when it fails, or unable to recognize when it's giving bad results. Most of the time, this seems rather silly: if a calculator breaks, for instance, it's not too hard to find another one. But, it looks like some of those fears about humans either unwilling or unable to question the primacy of technology aren't unwarranted, after a navigation unit sent a British ambulance off course, and the driver didn't notice until they were 200 miles off course (via Engadget). It's not as if they were driving on some unmarked road, but rather they traveled roughly half the length of England, driving from London to outside Manchester before thinking that something was amiss on what should have been a 12-mile journey. The ambulance service says that the faulty navigation unit is being fixed. But what's being done to fix the employees? It's one thing for a GPS unit to deliver screwy directions; it's another to be so ignorant or deferential to it so that it takes you 200 miles, and a tour of half a country, to figure it out when you're supposed to be on a 12-mile trip.

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  1. identicon
    I.D., 4 Dec 2006 @ 6:36pm


    seriously, sounds to me like the lad who had been driving wasnt really thinking about saving lives at all,he just happened to be trying to find a nice quiet sekluded, area to share some 1on1 time with his significant other. (TWO HUNDRED miles from anything!) Technologie saves us from blame, an average joe can say his computer fragged and lagged and corruptes his homework and get away with it in just about any situation Joe can encounter. we havent only been hazty to the development of technOological breakthroughs that babysit humans and redefine the meaning and reason to doing onerous tasks to being lazy and getting away with it! i mean come onn, if it wasnt the computers fault it would be our dogs fauklt... hail silicon! and long live the Conmputer! no lonngger will we use the archaeick quote, "welcome to being human" it will be... "DAMN MACCHINE!!" (they should have spellcheck on these forms =))

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