Epson Succeeds In Stopping Competitors From Making Compatible Ink Cartridges

from the remind-me-not-to-buy-another-Epson-printer dept

I currently have an Epson printer that's on its last legs. While the printer has served me fine for many years, Epson has just made it abundantly clear why I should never buy another printer from them. Last February, the company went after 24 vendors of Epson-compatible ink cartridges, claiming "patent" violations for putting ink into a cartridge that works on their printers. That's clearly not in the spirit of the patent system at all, but rather a blatant attempt to keep competitors out of the market by misusing patent laws. It's obviously lucrative to Epson to do so, since the artificial scarcity the printer companies have created has inflated the price of ink to ridiculous levels (filling a swimming pool with ink would cost nearly $6 billion -- with a b), making it perhaps the most expensive liquid around. So, it's unfortunate that Epson has apparently succeeded in intimidating many of the compatible ink cartridge makers into leaving the market. Obviously, Epson thinks it's in its own best interests to limit the market so they can charge such high prices (this is the same company that has also been accused of forcing you to replace cartridges even when they still have plenty of ink -- a charge the company denies). However, it also signals to consumers that Epson printers are going to be plenty expensive to maintain and that they may be better off looking elsewhere. Certainly, many of the other printer makers are just as bad, but that should be seen as an opportunity for someone to come along and charge a much more reasonable amount for ink, and then advertise the hell out of how much money they'll save everyone.

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  1. identicon
    Joshua, 3 Mar 2007 @ 6:21pm

    foolish americans (and probably europeans too!)

    Do you really think that people that live in "under-developed"
    countries, who can't afford to buy ink cartridges (imports with high taxes) aren't refilling using "3rd party inks that damage the print heads"??? I've been refilling for many years now and as long as you buy your ink from respectable suppliers that sell good quality ink (mostly companies in Canada) I can assure you that NOTHING is going to happen to your printer. I worked for a paper mill once and I know how chip the cost of ink is...less costly than bottled water.

    Don't let these companies scare you with their tactics that ONLY THEIR INK, DESIGNED FOR THEIR PRINTERS IS THE ONE YOU SHOULD BUY TO AVOID "DAMAGING" YOUR PRINTER....there are two words that apply to these companies: RIP-OFF!! (LOTS OF GREED!)
    I'm happy to see China growing fast and I hope some day that country will saturate the market with low price ink..
    I'll be very happy indeed to see Epson and other companies going out of the ink market.

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