Vacation? What's That?

from the we-don't-need-no-steenkin'-vacations dept

It seems like our always-on lifestyle continues to kill off the idea of vacation time. We've had stories in the past about how people tend to still check in with work while on vacation, in part to avoid having to deal with a huge stressful pile of things to do when they return. The latest study suggests this trend is continuing as the idea of the completely disconnected vacation is disappearing. Many people don't take all of the vacation time offered to them. Plenty of people never take extended vacations longer than a long weekend, and an astounding 24% of people say they didn't take any vacation at all. On top of that, those who do go on vacation don't disconnect. 72% say they stayed in contact with the office by email or phone while on vacation -- and, once again, many do so in order to avoid having a huge pile of work on their return. However, because of that, many say that they return from vacation more stressed than when they left. The article notes that this is a worrisome trend, but perhaps for many people it's just become the norm to blur the work/life balance -- and completely disconnecting on vacation would be even more problematic than staying partially connected.

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  1. identicon
    PhysicsGuy, 26 Nov 2006 @ 12:57pm

    Re: NeaonBHB

    the basis for your argument is horribly flawed. you proclaim that because people prior to the present have had to deal with hardship, that we should now sacrifice the privileges we have simply because of this? we're also not allowed to complain when these privileges are taken away, or to note the absurd quality of the excuses from the group who thinks that people who enjoy this privilege are unethical, immoral, whatever your overall point would be?

    people who deal with hardships do so in order to live on in hopes of a time without said hardships, where they and their kin don't have to deal with the hardships they endured. they don't continue on with the intent that once things get better that people will give up their privileges... let me ask, do you use hot water? you're probably the type to complain about "lazy" people taking the vacation time alloted to them because people suffered hardships in the work place before, but you're probably the first to complain when the hot water goes out and you're forced to take a cold shower, or when something on your car goes and you're forced to ... gasp ... walk, or when the batteries die in your calculator and you have to actually do computations in your head. before you reply with "i prefer cold showers as it gets me prepared for my brisk walk to work at an accountant office that bans computer and calculator use" ... stop right now. you're lying, and on the off chance that you're not, i'm sure i could come up with countless things that you take for granted...

    my overall point? well, my personal opinion is that people who can't take a vacation from work have a detrimental psychological addiction. but as far as this post goes, just because people had to endure hardships before doesn't mean that we should give up our privileges now. they did after all continue on through those hardships in hope of a better time.

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