Vacation? What's That?

from the we-don't-need-no-steenkin'-vacations dept

It seems like our always-on lifestyle continues to kill off the idea of vacation time. We've had stories in the past about how people tend to still check in with work while on vacation, in part to avoid having to deal with a huge stressful pile of things to do when they return. The latest study suggests this trend is continuing as the idea of the completely disconnected vacation is disappearing. Many people don't take all of the vacation time offered to them. Plenty of people never take extended vacations longer than a long weekend, and an astounding 24% of people say they didn't take any vacation at all. On top of that, those who do go on vacation don't disconnect. 72% say they stayed in contact with the office by email or phone while on vacation -- and, once again, many do so in order to avoid having a huge pile of work on their return. However, because of that, many say that they return from vacation more stressed than when they left. The article notes that this is a worrisome trend, but perhaps for many people it's just become the norm to blur the work/life balance -- and completely disconnecting on vacation would be even more problematic than staying partially connected.

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  1. identicon
    claire rand, 23 Nov 2006 @ 5:42am

    bizzare american holiday habbits.

    This sort of thing is one of the few reasons I'm happy to live in the UK, though other bits of the EU are even better.

    decent lenght holidays.. I get 35 (including bank holidays, but I can move them around).

    out of the office = hard to contact, my office don't have my landline number, and only two people have my mobile. they can get me by email, *if* i'm at home. otherwise work stays at work generally.

    They want me to work from home they can give me a laptop, and even then it will only be playing catchup on an evening. holiday is just that, or it should be.

    and as for the steaming mound of c*ap when I return.. it gets done when it gets done, I have a schedule, and I avoid taking time off when it will cause *me* a problem, if something crops up while I'm off.. *shrug* I'll look when I get back, I'm not paid to be anchored to a phone out of work, so I'm not.

    apart from holidays and a few other bits.. the uk sucks. (its raining *again*)

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