Vacation? What's That?

from the we-don't-need-no-steenkin'-vacations dept

It seems like our always-on lifestyle continues to kill off the idea of vacation time. We've had stories in the past about how people tend to still check in with work while on vacation, in part to avoid having to deal with a huge stressful pile of things to do when they return. The latest study suggests this trend is continuing as the idea of the completely disconnected vacation is disappearing. Many people don't take all of the vacation time offered to them. Plenty of people never take extended vacations longer than a long weekend, and an astounding 24% of people say they didn't take any vacation at all. On top of that, those who do go on vacation don't disconnect. 72% say they stayed in contact with the office by email or phone while on vacation -- and, once again, many do so in order to avoid having a huge pile of work on their return. However, because of that, many say that they return from vacation more stressed than when they left. The article notes that this is a worrisome trend, but perhaps for many people it's just become the norm to blur the work/life balance -- and completely disconnecting on vacation would be even more problematic than staying partially connected.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 23 Nov 2006 @ 5:16am


    I absolutely agree. When I'm on holiday I don't take my mobile phone with me. This then allows me to not only ignore work, but also everyone else in my life so I can get on with having a decent, fun holiday. I'm secure enough in myself that I know being out of contact with everyone for 2 weeks won't result in the world ending and will absolutely allow me to better enjoy my holiday.

    I'm one of those outsiders too and it gets me in so much trouble at work. Regardless of the quality of my work I have always been penalised for not being "pro-active", this is regardless of whether my work is done on time and regardless of it's quality. I get called non pro-active because I choose to go home after I have completed my work at the end of the day, rather than stay a couple extra hours and do additional FREE work. I love that word pro-active, the English translation is as follows:

    Pro-active = a willingness to bend over and be repeatedly arse fucked free of charge, even though you are already sore and bleeding. To sacrifice your very existence for a two bit, piece of shit company that actually doesn't give a shit about you but in essence owns your soul.

    I truly pity those who have no life but come out with statements about this being the 21st century and that's how it works. Well good for you, I'll go on holiday and enjoy it while you spend all your time on your blackberry.

    As An Onimous said, what are you all working toward? Are you just working for work itself? Why? Seriously get yourself a life and you will be so much happier.

    Just to finish off here is one of my most recent managers favourite qoutes:

    The setting: 6:45pm on Friday in the offie just as the team is about to leave my manager gathers us around for a quick "stand up" meeting, it goes something like this.

    "I know it's the weekend and enjoy your time off but try to remember we have a lot to do on Monday, so even though it's your day off please keep all the important issues in mind so we can all come in with some solutions on Monday".

    My response: Yeah right, fuck off you loser and die.

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