Best Buy Repeats Past Attempts At Unfairly Forcing Black Friday Prices Off The Web

from the cease-and-desist-just-for-the-hell-of-it dept

Back in 2002, we had a story about Wal-Mart forcing the site FatWallet to take down post-Thanksgiving sale prices, claiming they were a copyright violation. Of course, as everyone should know, you can't copyright facts -- and prices are facts. FatWallet fought back, challenging this abuse of the DMCA -- which forced Wal-Mart to backdown. The following year, other retailers, including Best Buy, Target and Kohl's threatened FatWallet again. Apparently, Best Buy learned absolutely nothing from the experience, as they've gone and threatened another site, BlackFriday, for posting the same information this year. Unlike FatWallet, however, BlackFriday has backed down and taken down the information -- even though they have no legal reason to. It's clear that Best Buy (whose lawyers clearly know better) are simply betting that in using a cease & desist DMCA claim, even if it's not valid, they can scare the site into taking the content down -- which is exactly what happened. That's a clear abuse of the DMCA, creating the famed "chilling effects." However, as it stands, there's simply no punishment for abusing the DMCA this way and there are few entities willing to actually stand up against such a misuse.

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  1. identicon
    sick of your crap, 16 Nov 2006 @ 8:40am


    I know that this is not the place for this debate but...

    Give me a break! Stop trying to blame the gays for the degradation of the traditional family...straight people are at fault as they are the ones actually in the family. You should know should know by now that the strength of a family comes from within. Weak families fall apart due to exterior influence. Are your convictions so fragile that the mere thought of some local man-on-man action is actually destroying your family?

    I, a straight American man, raised Christian btw, find it ridiculous that "Christian" America has such a problem with gay marriage/civil union when marriage straight marriages have a ~50% divorce rate. I find that to be a far worse mockery of the concept of marriage that a homosexual partnership.

    I do agree with you that "Happy Holidays" is pretty lame. But if you want to hear "Merry Christmas", you have to be ready to hear "Happy Everything else" (Sorry all other religions :) )

    Freedom of religion is in our bill of rights, along with a lot of other freedoms. You need to learn that ..."this land is your land, this land is my land"... share friend, that's all I'm saying.

    This is America so either get accustomed to the idea of tolerating people with different values and beliefs, or get yourself a crucifix and some holy water and lock yourself in your basement until the rapture. :)

    ...cue the fire and brimstone...

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