Best Buy Repeats Past Attempts At Unfairly Forcing Black Friday Prices Off The Web

from the cease-and-desist-just-for-the-hell-of-it dept

Back in 2002, we had a story about Wal-Mart forcing the site FatWallet to take down post-Thanksgiving sale prices, claiming they were a copyright violation. Of course, as everyone should know, you can't copyright facts -- and prices are facts. FatWallet fought back, challenging this abuse of the DMCA -- which forced Wal-Mart to backdown. The following year, other retailers, including Best Buy, Target and Kohl's threatened FatWallet again. Apparently, Best Buy learned absolutely nothing from the experience, as they've gone and threatened another site, BlackFriday, for posting the same information this year. Unlike FatWallet, however, BlackFriday has backed down and taken down the information -- even though they have no legal reason to. It's clear that Best Buy (whose lawyers clearly know better) are simply betting that in using a cease & desist DMCA claim, even if it's not valid, they can scare the site into taking the content down -- which is exactly what happened. That's a clear abuse of the DMCA, creating the famed "chilling effects." However, as it stands, there's simply no punishment for abusing the DMCA this way and there are few entities willing to actually stand up against such a misuse.

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  1. identicon
    Wyndle, 16 Nov 2006 @ 8:08am

    Re: Country going down!

    The only non-Christian President of the United States of America. Go read a book or something.

    Oh, and do not criticize people for using slang when you can not even use proper sentance structure, grammar, or capitalization. And the abreviation "WTF" is a form of internet slang. Despite what some people in California think, Ebonics is not a language and should not be accepted as such.

    As someone who as studied several religions, I can say without a doubt that religious bias and stereotypes have ruined the vast majority of those religions. To say that seperation of church and state is bad just proves your ignorance. I do not want my government to tell me how to worship a higher power that I may or may not believe in, and I certanly don't want Fallwell or Swaggert running this country.

    I agree that speaking English should be required of citizens, but it is not currently the law. You have the right to complain about it (First Amendment). It's how you complain that makes the difference between being a biggot and being someone who cares about the welfare of the country.

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