Researchers Not Giving Up On Dream Of Wireless Power

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At some point or another, everybody's fantasized about it: wouldn't it be great if an electronic device could be powered wirelessly, fully eliminating the need for cables? It's an idea that's been talked about for a long time, back to the work of Nikola Tesla. Now a new team of researchers at MIT is going after the problem again. They believe that there's solid physics backing the idea up, and in fact their research builds on Tesla's original work. Still, this is firmly at the theoretical stages. Consider how long it's taking for fuel cell powered mobile devices to take off. We can safely say that this will take a much, much longer, if it ever comes about.

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  1. identicon
    sceptic, 15 Nov 2006 @ 1:22pm

    EM "friction"

    Among other things EM waves "lose" power due to distance from the originating point as they are most likely not send in a perfect beam, therefore power/area diminishes. Was that layman terms enough? EM field can also heat up the medium it is going through (I HOPE you can find an example yourself) losing power that way. Of course, choosing correct frequency for the given medium as well as tuning the transmitter/receiver for minimal signal loss over distance can negate all that.
    Of course, the question of what those waves do exactly to a human body still would be a question. Just like effects of any other EM fields or even solar flares.
    I am sure that outside this little discussion no one even bothered to think about it. Go us.

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