Even Google Has To Pay For It

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The move to pay people for their online videos is getting a big boost as Google has announced a deal with the creators of the "Diet Coke & Mentos" viral video to host the video, run ads around it, and share the revenue. There's clearly quite a bit of interest right now in finding models for online video that retain the social aspect while introducing a financial element. Obviously, Google won't always negotiate with video creators on an individual basis; eventually, the company will automate the process of sharing in the revenue from uploaded videos. But by making this high profile deal it sends a message to all the other companies promising money for video creators that Google is not going to let them walk in and buy up all the good content. Still, the vast majority of user-generated content (of all kinds) is not done with a financial motive, so to garner this mass it'll take more than just the lure of money.

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  1. identicon
    Cowardly Lion, 31 Oct 2006 @ 9:53am

    whats the problem?

    So they want to pay me for putting up my movies? OK so that means giving up some level of control of what I can put up. After all now their paying for it... So what will get put up may get bland or overly commercial... Is what you guys are so upset about..? Cause thats the way other mediums have gone...? Well the internet is a little different because if you don't like what Google is doing, there are real alternatives. Alternative you can build yourself.

    Don't get mad, let your mouse do the talking...

    And hey this is no joke! I'm really confused about what the previous posters are upset about...

    I apologize in advance for being dense.


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