Even Google Has To Pay For It

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The move to pay people for their online videos is getting a big boost as Google has announced a deal with the creators of the "Diet Coke & Mentos" viral video to host the video, run ads around it, and share the revenue. There's clearly quite a bit of interest right now in finding models for online video that retain the social aspect while introducing a financial element. Obviously, Google won't always negotiate with video creators on an individual basis; eventually, the company will automate the process of sharing in the revenue from uploaded videos. But by making this high profile deal it sends a message to all the other companies promising money for video creators that Google is not going to let them walk in and buy up all the good content. Still, the vast majority of user-generated content (of all kinds) is not done with a financial motive, so to garner this mass it'll take more than just the lure of money.

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  1. identicon
    misanthropic humanist, 31 Oct 2006 @ 9:02am

    Freeloading scumbags

    Every night when it goes dark the stars come out. People can just look out their windows and see this beautiful and entertaining sight.

    Some people call it "the Universe". I call it pirate entertainment by a load of hippy freaks who should be rounded up and put into the Haliburton ovens.

    I mean, where's the business model? Surely we can't expect people to just freeload. Somebody has to pay for it all.

    What we need is a way to "monetize" this potential. Perhaps a fleet of orbital space ships projecting CocaCola ads onto the upper atmosphere.

    We have to crack down on people sharing pictures of sunsets, cute kittens and flowers too. If you share your experiences for free you are anti-American and destroying the economy. If people can walk down the street and avoid looking at the advertising boards then the terrorists win.

    (If this message survives and you're somehow reading it in the 25th Century... yes it's no surprise that we wiped ourselves out. We saw it coming but nobody listened... we tried, we really tried, but the fear, stupidity, greed and apathy was inpenetrable)

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