One Way To Get Around Iranian Broadband Ban: Ask Your ISP For Higher Speeds

from the they-might-just-give-it-to-you dept

Last week, we mentioned that Iran was banning broadband connections supposedly as part of an effort to keep out the evils of the internet. Iranian ISPs, however, think it may have more to do with the internet infrastructure in the country not being able to handle the higher demands. In the meantime, however, Broadband Reports points us to an article from Iran saying that at least one ISP has decided to ignore the ban. It's not entirely clear from the article, but it sounds like the ISP won't actively advertise the higher speeds, but if a customer asks for them, they'll provide them, saying that there's no way the government can check the speeds they offer on every port. That same ISP CEO says he believes most other ISPs in Iran will do pretty much the same.

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  1. identicon
    Tack, 31 Oct 2006 @ 4:35am

    We need to start a think tank

    When all of the first 5 posts on a TechDirt article are intelligent comments that are both relevant and correct, there's something wrong. Especially if the second or third isn't an idiot without a clue (like here, where everyone's intelligent thus far) who gets pounded on for the rest of the comments.

    Anyone interested in starting a private think tank?

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