SGI, Back From Dead, Decides To Use Patent Litigation As New Business Strategy

from the losers-litigate dept

What were we just saying about the trend of companies who failed in the marketplace to resort to patent infringement lawsuits as a last gasp effort to stay alive? When SGI filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy back in May, many didn't give the company much of a chance of amounting to much if it could even reorganize and come out of bankruptcy. Well, last week, the company triumphantly emerged from bankruptcy, claiming that it was "lean and mean." The company claimed it had new management, new business models and a new strategy. Of course, what they didn't mention was part of that strategy was to sue others for patent infringement. It certainly didn't take the "new" SGI long to send its lawyers after ATI for apparently infringing on a patent. Perhaps SGI has a real business strategy to become relevant again -- but to kick things off with a patent infringement lawsuit suggests that they're not convinced that actually competing with their products in the market place is going to take them very far.

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    Mike (profile), 26 Oct 2006 @ 3:09pm

    Re: Capitalism is bad

    So, maybe Mike you prefer to live under communist rule?

    Wow. Non sequitor.

    Communism is certainly more attractive (at least on paper) for idealistic people like you.

    Huh? Where did you get the idea that I was idealistic? I'm not. You do realize that what you're supporting is much more similar to centalized communism, right? I'm talking about open and free markets, not bogged down by gov't monopolies and control. And you're voting for government control.

    You do realize that what I'm saying is that we should move *more* towards capitalism and away from an approach that is more fitting for centralized rule?

    Capitalism is wasteful and ugly indeed...

    Wow. You really don't bother to take the time to read, do you? Capitalism is not wasteful. If the economy is allowed to actually function, capitalism is amazingly efficient. It's when the gov't gets invovled where it's not needed (like here) that waste occurs.

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