If Even The Police Don't Follow Driving While Phoning Rules...

from the perhaps-there's-something-wrong dept

While we have no doubt that driving while talking on a mobile phone can make the roads less safe in some circumstances, it still seems like the laws against such things are ineffective. They're targeting one aspect of driver distractions, ignoring plenty of others. At the same time, it doesn't always make sense. If you're on an open stretch of road without any traffic, does such a law do any good? Also, evidence has suggested that some people can drive just fine while chatting on a phone, while others cannot. So does an outright ban make sense? Or more effective rules on reckless driving? Even early supporters of the laws have noticed that they haven't been particularly effective in either stopping driving while yakking or in making the roads any safer. To make this even clearer, apparently over in the UK, a local Chief Superintendent of police was spotted chatting on the phone while driving by a member of the public who followed him all the way back to the police station -- only to have the guy brush him off when his infraction was pointed out. This isn't a surprise, but it just highlights the fact that even with these laws, it hasn't appeared to do much to stop people from talking on their phones. It would be a good thing to make our roads much safer, but an if an ineffective ban isn't doing the trick, why aren't we looking at smarter solutions?

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  1. identicon
    WePlayMegamans, 25 Oct 2006 @ 10:38am

    Re: RE: Breakin' the law, ok with you?

    Excuse me, but I only asked if that is what you believe. I did not say that is what I believe. Personally, I think we need a stronger system of checks and balances to make sure the police do a better job of protecting us, while abiding by the rules that you and I must follow as well. So once again, I merely asked if that is what the people believe. I live in a city where there has been almost 400 murders this year. Every morning theres another face in the paper, and sometimes it's a child. I KNOW the police do not do a good job of protecting us, I see it every day.

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