Allofmp3 Pissed Off At Credit Card Companies; Plans To Fight Back

from the no-surprise-there dept

Yesterday, we mentioned that Visa had dumped Allofmp3, saying it would no longer process credit cards for the site. Today, Mastercard followed suit. This has Allofmp3 a bit angry, saying that they will do whatever possible to get credit card processing turned back on. They point out, once again, that they have never been convicted of any illegal activity, and previous investigations have shown them to be legal. Of course, just because you're legal, doesn't mean that a credit card company has to process your transactions.

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  1. identicon
    nobody in particular, 10 Dec 2007 @ 1:03pm

    mp3skyline looks good but...

    I'd quite like to use them but they don't take paypal (paypal dropped them perhaps?) and I don't have an appropriate CC.

    Its really infuriating that there are only 2 choices
    (i) use a site that doesn't pay proper royalties and rips off the artists (and the record companies - I mean they deserve to make _some_ money) or
    (ii) use a site that, absurdly, charges the same for digital with lossy compression, no art, no permanent media or jewel case, restricted playback (eg hardware specific) and no transport costs for the seller, as you'd pay for a cd?

    The main reason I'd want to use Skyline is NOT the cheap price, its that it appears to have a decent size catalog, including digitised vinyl transfers that otherwise would require hunting around the web and then paying £10+£2p&p for 2 tracks on a bit of black plastic I have no means of playing.

    Why is there no LEGIT site with a decent catalog, no silly playback restrictions, and a price, say, half-way between the dodgy Russians and the fully legal ones?

    The current situation is ridiculous. Why is the invisible hand of the market giving us the finger like this?

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