Allofmp3 Pissed Off At Credit Card Companies; Plans To Fight Back

from the no-surprise-there dept

Yesterday, we mentioned that Visa had dumped Allofmp3, saying it would no longer process credit cards for the site. Today, Mastercard followed suit. This has Allofmp3 a bit angry, saying that they will do whatever possible to get credit card processing turned back on. They point out, once again, that they have never been convicted of any illegal activity, and previous investigations have shown them to be legal. Of course, just because you're legal, doesn't mean that a credit card company has to process your transactions.

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  1. identicon
    Kit Drake, 26 Feb 2007 @ 4:27am

    I’ve discovered site, which I guess is analog of Their pricing strategy is like $0.15 per track no matter what size and bit rate it is.
    When you register you get $0.30 deposited to your account as they say “to check out the quality of our services for free”.
    Also they give 100% bonuses on deposits made by Credit Card starting from 20 USD (pay $20 get $40 added to your balance; $30 = $60 etc.).
    Other rather eye-catching thing is their “Daily Bonus” scheme, they say; make a payment for e.g. $20 and get $0.02 added to your balance daily, make another payment of $30 and your bonus amount will increase to $0.05 daily.
    Concerning legality of this site: The availability over the Internet of the materials is authorized by the license # 33/3M-06 of the Rightholders Federation for Collective Copyright Management of Works Used Interactively (Russian Organization which they pay Royalties to).
    Ok, their services might be legal for Russians, but is it legal to use their services in US, UK and other European countries? Actually yes it does mean they are legal in the US and UK, in that music you download is considered legally licensed for personal use, and you can’t legally be prevented from purchasing in this way.
    This is because of the Berne convention as administered by the WIPO, and WTO requirements.
    I quote "...any country that is a signatory of the convention is awarded the same rights in all other
    Countries that are signatories to the Convention as they allow their own nationals, as well as any rights granted by the Convention"
    The pigopolist record companies don’t like it because it cuts them out of the loop - the money paid for licenses goes directly to artists! Therefore they do a 'Bush' and lie through their teeth even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary in the hope that you believe them and use their preferred overpriced and DRM crippled services.

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