Allofmp3 Pissed Off At Credit Card Companies; Plans To Fight Back

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Yesterday, we mentioned that Visa had dumped Allofmp3, saying it would no longer process credit cards for the site. Today, Mastercard followed suit. This has Allofmp3 a bit angry, saying that they will do whatever possible to get credit card processing turned back on. They point out, once again, that they have never been convicted of any illegal activity, and previous investigations have shown them to be legal. Of course, just because you're legal, doesn't mean that a credit card company has to process your transactions.

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  1. identicon
    Raimundo Gonzalez, 26 Nov 2006 @ 4:32pm

    Angry at VISA and Mastercard for cutting off Allof

    I wish I had a way of punishing VISA and Mastercard for cutting off Unfortunately, I cannot think of one. We are sadly totally dependent on credit in this world today. If any of you out there can think of a way, please let me know. It is time for American Express or Discover to step up and realize that the people want to keep using and pronounce that they will process payments to this great website. Can you believe the hypocrisy of VISA and Mastercard? Tell me what is more morally reprehensible- downloading music affordably, with a far more extensive selection than the crappy American 99 cent a song websites, in a format that we can actually do something with or wrapping up millions of people in serious credit card debt like VISA and Mastercard are doing? The answer to that question is easy.

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