Allofmp3 Pissed Off At Credit Card Companies; Plans To Fight Back

from the no-surprise-there dept

Yesterday, we mentioned that Visa had dumped Allofmp3, saying it would no longer process credit cards for the site. Today, Mastercard followed suit. This has Allofmp3 a bit angry, saying that they will do whatever possible to get credit card processing turned back on. They point out, once again, that they have never been convicted of any illegal activity, and previous investigations have shown them to be legal. Of course, just because you're legal, doesn't mean that a credit card company has to process your transactions.

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  1. identicon
    Wizard Prang, 20 Oct 2006 @ 7:57am

    Justice was done

    "OJ has never been convicted either."

    Actually he was. While he got off the criminal charge he was found guilty of the civil one - remember?

    I believe that had he been convicted the first time around he would have been out of prison in a couple of years and would not be the pariah/laughingstock that he is now. He would also have kept his money and be enjoying life.

    So perhaps justice was done after all

    "...production costs have very little to do with what a product costs."

    His point was not about manufacturing costs, but about the sunk (production) costs, which have long since been recovered.

    Personally I am of the opinion that all music should become Public Domain at the age of (say) 25. The idea of copyright being some kind of ownership is ludicrous and may be unconstitutional.

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