by Joseph Weisenthal

Floyd Landis Tries The Wikipedia Defense

from the wikis-against-doping dept

In his ongoing bid to retain his Tour De France title, alleged doper Floyd Landis has taken to the web. Earlier this week, he announced he would put his complete defense online for all to see and mull over. But simply posting some documents online isn't in itself all that impressive. What's interesting is that in addition to this, Landis has been engaging with online communities and message boards comprised of people who are interested in the case. These include avid cyclists, as well as people who are experts in forensic chemistry, law, statistics, and other fields that might relate. It's his hope that the internet will provide a mechanism for people with disparate knowledge to craft and articulate a strong defense for him. Landis himself calls it the "Wikipedia defense". Obviously, executing the Wikipedia defense might have some challenges, and online message boards might not be the best way for people to work together (perhaps he should actually put up a wiki). But it'll be an interesting experiment nonetheless into how an argument or legal defense can be a developed by a loose-knit group with a common interest.

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  1. identicon
    trust but verify, 13 Oct 2006 @ 1:42pm

    Actually relevant...

    Linked this into my roundup of Landis stuff at trust but verify. I disagree about setting up a 'real' wiki compared to reusing daily peloton forum. There is an existing, vital community there that would be hard to replicate at a new site.

    He has real legal help. This is both an extra set of input, and a way of working out how to explain the (eventual) story to the public. The battle is 1/2 legal, and 1/2 public relations (assuming he wins). Engaging the internet folks at a grassroots level is part of a long-term PR strategy that makes sense to me.


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