Cingular's Network Is So Great, All Telemarketers' Calls Get Connected

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While the Do Not Call list has been around for a while, there are still plenty of people receiving unsolicited telemarketing calls. While it's mainly been the FTC that has cracked down on violators, it looks like the telcos are getting in the game. Telemarketing calls are supposed to be off-limits to telemarketers even if they aren't on the DNC list, but apparently that hasn't stopped some. Cingular is now suing three different firms for telemarketing to Cingular customers. What may be interesting is that at least two of the firms being sued apparently contracted with companies outside of the US to actually make the calls (an increasingly common practice) -- though, that seems unlikely to get them out of any kind of legal trouble.

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    Anonymous Coward, 11 Oct 2006 @ 8:41pm


    During the first quarter of 2006, Telephia reported that during an extensive nationwide test of major wireless carriers, Cingular Wireless dropped the fewest number of calls across the country. Cingular in turn began advertising with more aggression the "Allover Network" citing Telephia as "the leading independent research company." This was in stark contrast to the Consumer Unions published "Consumer Reports" which slammed Cingular for static and dropped calls and J.D. Power and Associates' findings. (J.D. Power and Associates consistently puts Cingular in the bottom (or near the bottom) of their "overall customer satisfaction" list.)

    Telephia initially refused to provide details on its study, and a spokesman for the company has said, according to the Boston Globe, that "Cingular shouldn't have even mentioned the company's name to a reporter." The research company later stated that Cingular had a "statistically significant lower dropped-call rate than the competition across some market/time period groupings," but that Telephia had "no knowledge of the specific methodology... Cingular used to reach the nationwide 'lowest dropped call' conclusion.

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