Cingular's Network Is So Great, All Telemarketers' Calls Get Connected

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While the Do Not Call list has been around for a while, there are still plenty of people receiving unsolicited telemarketing calls. While it's mainly been the FTC that has cracked down on violators, it looks like the telcos are getting in the game. Telemarketing calls are supposed to be off-limits to telemarketers even if they aren't on the DNC list, but apparently that hasn't stopped some. Cingular is now suing three different firms for telemarketing to Cingular customers. What may be interesting is that at least two of the firms being sued apparently contracted with companies outside of the US to actually make the calls (an increasingly common practice) -- though, that seems unlikely to get them out of any kind of legal trouble.

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  1. identicon
    Jason, 11 Oct 2006 @ 8:16pm


    Light years ahead of Sprint? What are you on? Cingular is using 20+ year old GSM, worthless EDGE & UMTS, limited tech support, and whatever garbage they can buy for their GSM network.
    Sprint uses CDMA 1x, EV-DO rev0, and EV-DO Rev A. They ONLY allow phones on their network that have been fully customized for them. Not just a GSM phone, with a simple Cingular UI.
    Cingular charges $20 for normal phone access and $45 for PDA. Sprint only charges $10 and $15 for ANY phone.
    Sprint offers nights starting at 6PM for $10, while Cing offers nights starting at 7 for $7.
    Cingular's insurance has to be added on Day One or not at all. Sprint is anytime you get a new phone (NEW or USED).

    So tell me, what does Cingular have that is so much better then Sprint? Sounds like you are a bandwagon sitter. Someone who goes with the trend.

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