Allofmp3 Doesn't Really Care If Russia Joins The WTO Or Not

from the try,-try-again dept

The US (thanks mostly to RIAA lobbyists influencing politicians) has been putting pressure on Russia to shut down the infamous as a condition of being admitted to the WTO. However, there's still the same old problem that Russian authorities don't really see Allofmp3 as violating local laws. The company itself has finally put out a statement on the matter basically saying that Russia's position in the WTO is of no concern to them, and they're just going to keep selling music as they've always done. In fact, they've picked up on the idea that all this anger over their existence is helping them on the marketing side (just as every other attempt to shut down online services has done). An Allofmp3 spokesperson is quoted as saying: "[US Trade Representative] Susan Schwab markets us so effectively -- she could already be our press secretary." They then reiterated that they're in complete compliance with Russian law, and that the complaint is really anger over them being a better, cheaper competitor.

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  1. identicon
    LJSeinfeld, 8 Oct 2006 @ 7:29am

    What's the difference between

    What's the difference between CD-R, CD-RW and pressed (commercial) discs? There are three technologies involved: CD-R uses a dye to record information; it can be written only once. CD-RW uses the change of state of an alloy and can be erased and rewritten. These are discussed elsewhere in this primer. A pressed disc is, in fact, pressed. The information of the audio stream and the TOC is prepared by a special program to create a glass master. That master is used to make one or more metal stampers. A stamper is pressed into a fluid plastic layer of the blank disc to impress the information. Once set, that disc is given an aluminum coat from which the read laser is reflected. At any point in that process, a speck of dust means a flaw in reproduction, so pressing requires a clean room and special operations to avoid contamination. Fortunately, CD-R and CD-RW are more tolerant and small amounts of contamination are seldom detected.

    So there yo have it. There are considerably higher costs in setup, and the media IS NOT the same. That's why you can tell the difference between a CD-R and a Pressed Disc when you look at them... you can see the dye.

    Your arguments regarding Copyright law -which is broken, and pharmaceuticals from Canada are the same... An example of price of a given item being artificially inflated by, what amounts to, a cartel. Calling people "Commies" because they disagree with you speaks more to flaws in your character than theirs. Here's a quarter -- now go get your brain dried too. =)

    The recording industry, as well as a handful of others, are trying desperately -and in vain- to cement their positions as "middle-men" in the sale of something in a market/distribution system that no longer needs them. They are going the way of the Dodo.

    Of course, this is just my opinion. I could be wrong.

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