Allofmp3 Doesn't Really Care If Russia Joins The WTO Or Not

from the try,-try-again dept

The US (thanks mostly to RIAA lobbyists influencing politicians) has been putting pressure on Russia to shut down the infamous as a condition of being admitted to the WTO. However, there's still the same old problem that Russian authorities don't really see Allofmp3 as violating local laws. The company itself has finally put out a statement on the matter basically saying that Russia's position in the WTO is of no concern to them, and they're just going to keep selling music as they've always done. In fact, they've picked up on the idea that all this anger over their existence is helping them on the marketing side (just as every other attempt to shut down online services has done). An Allofmp3 spokesperson is quoted as saying: "[US Trade Representative] Susan Schwab markets us so effectively -- she could already be our press secretary." They then reiterated that they're in complete compliance with Russian law, and that the complaint is really anger over them being a better, cheaper competitor.

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  1. identicon
    Cleverboy, 7 Oct 2006 @ 4:47pm


    [(even though that price has tripled since all this publicity- songs used to be 1cent/MB, now its 3cents/MB.)]

    Oh, is it the publicity that's raising prices? Do you read the news? AllofMp3 knows its not in the right in terms of its pricing, and they're making moves to bring their prices up to reflect what they need to if they're to be charging for proper licensing. They're making most of their money on the float anyway.

    This is what they've said ("slowly raising prices"). Of course we all know that they're just making more money for themselves as they wait for the Russian law to pass closing the loophole. Once that happens, they'll need a lot more than a price hike to figure out how to stay "legal" even among Russian customers.

    Slowly grinds the wheels of justice.

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