Allofmp3 Doesn't Really Care If Russia Joins The WTO Or Not

from the try,-try-again dept

The US (thanks mostly to RIAA lobbyists influencing politicians) has been putting pressure on Russia to shut down the infamous as a condition of being admitted to the WTO. However, there's still the same old problem that Russian authorities don't really see Allofmp3 as violating local laws. The company itself has finally put out a statement on the matter basically saying that Russia's position in the WTO is of no concern to them, and they're just going to keep selling music as they've always done. In fact, they've picked up on the idea that all this anger over their existence is helping them on the marketing side (just as every other attempt to shut down online services has done). An Allofmp3 spokesperson is quoted as saying: "[US Trade Representative] Susan Schwab markets us so effectively -- she could already be our press secretary." They then reiterated that they're in complete compliance with Russian law, and that the complaint is really anger over them being a better, cheaper competitor.

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  1. identicon
    Josh, 7 Oct 2006 @ 11:39am

    Re: Re: Re: Sad

    Although annonymous coward got it right Mark has pretty much has gotten the point on this. Alltunes is well within their rights in their home country. If thats the way Russia has set things up then its up to Russia to decide to fix it or just let it alone. However when you mention "opinions" as to how much an artist gets paid from the purchase of a CD then you actually have to state an opinion. It's a known fact that artist only get pennies off of Cd's not an opinion. And as for an artist stating that they aren't able to make it anywhere there's plent that will. If they don't it's because of a major record label putting pressure on them. When you buy a cd your basically supporting the label. Now when you say they "represent" the music. They aren't "representing" the artist they are "representing" themselves they could care less about they artist. When they see a hot new artist they don't see talent they see an huge ATM machine only there to make sure they can sleep in their million dollar homes when they don't really do anything besides call MTV and make sure their artist is seen on TRL. It's the artists that need to wake up and realize that they don't need record labels for anything and that mindless adherence to outdated rules creates only politicians (RIAA).

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