Comcast Trials BSOD For Politicians

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With campaign season in full swing, there's no shortage of 30-second attack ads that offer very little substantive information about the candidates. Obviously, politicians must feel they work, or they wouldn't keep spending money on them, but as voters have other media options besides the TV and are prone to skip political ads, it's inevitable that the effect of traditional political advertising is wearing off. Comcast is now offering campaigns the opportunity to buy long-form advertisements over its VOD service, ranging in length from 2 to 30 minutes. Of course, these spots won't be viewed by as many people, but a voter who actively seeks out a political commercial is probably the type of voter that candidates want to reach. And remember the popularity of Ross Perot's hour-long infomercials in which he explained the national debt? People will pay attention to political ads that are heavy on information. If politicians just put regular ads on the VOD service, there is little to no chance that anyone will want to watch them, but if they put up content that's informative and interesting -- as other advertisers are learning to do -- people may actually pay attention.

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  1. identicon
    Sanguine Dream, 3 Oct 2006 @ 12:43pm

    I have to admit...

    if I came across political ads that actually cover the issues instead of the usual, "Candidate A is teh sux." nonsense. I would really watch an ad that may be longwinded but the candidate presents and explains an issue and gives recommendations on a solution. Silly me I didn't start paying any mind to politics until the 2004 election (I've only been able to vote since 2000) but now I'm ready for the forums, discuassions, and debates. But until the mud slinging stops I have no time for the 30sec. ads.

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