Wal-Mart's MySpace Clone Gone, Missed By Nobody

from the deep-sixed dept

It was pretty obvious from the outset that Wal-Mart's attempt to create a MySpace-like social-networking site was a non-starter. The G-rated site with limited functionality had all the makings of a politician wearing a backwards baseball cap in a bid to win the youth vote. So it's no surprise at all that the project has been abandoned. It's not clear that the site ever had any users, though the company apparently tried propagating the site with fake profiles of hip kids wearing Wal-Mart gear. The dead giveaway was that the kids were talking about Wal-Mart clothes in their profiles. The failure doesn't mean that it's silly to use social networking to promote retail. There's obviously a major social component to how young people make their purchases, and retailers would be wise to keep experimenting with ways to tap into that. And so for future reference, trying to trick kids with phony sites that are little more than marketing ploys doesn't work too well.

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  1. identicon
    Anti Wally World, 3 Oct 2006 @ 8:59pm

    Re: Re:

    Anything to make a buck!

    They would sell illegal drugs if they could do it with not getting caught.

    I would not be affraid to read one day that Military weapons arrive in China packed in a WalMart cargo shipment container.....

    If a penny were on the street and an old lady went down to pick it up, the WalMart CEO would probably knock the poor old lady over and grab the penny and give it to one of his "Associates" and put in his "2nd to find but ended up with it" collection.

    WalMart treats their so called "Associates" like slaves... "Master what else can I do for my half pennies this hour?" "Do I get a dinner break after 12 hours of work?"

    Someday they will proabably bring in cages for the "Associates" to live in because their wages are so meager they can not find rent on their pay..

    Ooooo they may wise up!! 10 or 12 "Associates" might pitch their pay checks together to afford a 2 bedroom apartment......

    I have talked to several of these "Associates" and they feel trapped, I tell them the GRASS DEFINATELY IS GREEN on the other side of the fence.....

    I still see them there and think the poor bastards, what do we need to do burn down the building in order to kick their ass in gear to see brighter pastures.....

    I truely hope they do leave and move on...

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