Wal-Mart's MySpace Clone Gone, Missed By Nobody

from the deep-sixed dept

It was pretty obvious from the outset that Wal-Mart's attempt to create a MySpace-like social-networking site was a non-starter. The G-rated site with limited functionality had all the makings of a politician wearing a backwards baseball cap in a bid to win the youth vote. So it's no surprise at all that the project has been abandoned. It's not clear that the site ever had any users, though the company apparently tried propagating the site with fake profiles of hip kids wearing Wal-Mart gear. The dead giveaway was that the kids were talking about Wal-Mart clothes in their profiles. The failure doesn't mean that it's silly to use social networking to promote retail. There's obviously a major social component to how young people make their purchases, and retailers would be wise to keep experimenting with ways to tap into that. And so for future reference, trying to trick kids with phony sites that are little more than marketing ploys doesn't work too well.

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  1. identicon
    WhooTAZ, 3 Oct 2006 @ 8:45pm

    Re: Re: What ever happened to "Made in USA"

    Just wait until there are no manufacturing jobs left in America and the biggest A__H____ to blame will be WalMart.

    They have single handedly taken out 80,000+ mom and pop stores. Corporate Greed is emphasised here..

    WalMart needs to get their asses beat and their heads knocked off for the dog and pony shows they make vendors run and jump thru to sell their goods....

    Maybe one day 1 in 4 Americans wiill be working at WalMart while the other 2 are on welfare and the last poor bastard is a Govt employees (federal, state or local)

    Ever see Wall Street the movie? Most Greedy Wealthy people have stepped on the heads and backs of other Americans to rise to the top of their hills, and most have not done it legally..... So dont give me your stupidity remark about welfare......

    You'll be cashing your check before I wouild ever humble myself to. I work serveral jobs to stay afloat in the past and if it comes to that again I would do it again in a heart beat then to be behind you in a line of handouts....

    Glad to see your hands are full of the govt cheese and milk........ Don't choke and die we need your feeble thoughts give us a chuckle......

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