Lawsuit Claims Kid Never Would Have Killed Abusive Father Without Playing GTA

from the that-might-take-some-proof dept

rijit writes in to tell us about the latest lawsuit filed by anti-video game lawyer Jack Thompson. This one is similar to other lawsuits, suing the various companies involved in the game, blaming them for a murder, just because a kid who killed his family happened to play Grand Theft Auto. The lawsuit actually claims that this kid never would have shot his father, step mother and step sister if not for the game: "But for Posey's use of these products ... he would not have killed." It would seem like that's a pretty difficult point to prove, especially given that the boy's lawyers claim that his father abused him for years. What this all about, however, is again taking responsibility off of the actual killer. It is obviously disturbing that he went out and shot three family members, and it is worth exploring the reasons why. However, to place the blame entirely on a video game is letting the kid escape responsibility for his actions and would be a horribly perverse response to horrible situation.

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  1. identicon
    Kyle, 26 Sep 2006 @ 6:45pm


    1. The constitutional amendment that grants the right to bear arms has been interpreted in MANY MANY ways. It is not a given fact that it gives YOU the right to own an automatic weapon. Im not going to say the constitution speaks against personal arms, because it doesnt (even though the whole amendment was for the purpose of a militia, which we definately dont do), but dont you say that the constitution does ensure your right to own a gun, because thats not necessarily true.

    2. It is an indisputable fact that if guns were outlawed in the US for personal use, murder rates would drop. That should be enough to convince everyone. Yea I know you might only hunt or shoot cans, but you cant deny the plain fact that if guns were permanently outlawed, LESS PEOPLE WOULD DIE FROM THEM. Arent you willing to sacrifice a bit of fun in hunting to save lives, and stop a shitload of violence that occurs in urban areas?

    3. Cars kill people and bats kill people? What are you a moron? Everything can kill someone, you ignorant asshole, I could kill you with my printer given the oppurtunity, but the difference is that with a gun, it is VERY VERY EASY TO KILL PEOPLE. All I do it point it in your general direction, and move my index finger 1/2 inch. BAM YOUR DEAD. Guns should be outlawed because they are SO FUCKING DANGEROUS, and they END LIVES WITH EASE. And anyone who values human life should agree.

    Jesus the only reason Ive ever heard for the right to bear arms is "It says so in the constitution". You guys are fucking sheep, try thinking on your own and arriving on a logical decision rather than just believing what your parents told you when you were growing up.

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