Diebold Brushes Off Yet Another Damning Security Report

from the accountability? dept

Just a day after Avi Rubin discussed many of the real world problems of some Diebold e-voting machines in action, Ed Felten has come out with his quite damning independent review of the machines -- noting just how problematic the security is and how easy it was to upload malicious programs (including a virus that could spread dangerous software from machine to machine). This is hardly the first time we've seen such a report, but it seems like each report is progressively worse. By this point, you'd have to have lived in a hole to believe e-voting machines are secure. Diebold, in typical fashion, has responded not by admitting to any problems, but by attacking Felten's report -- claiming that his test (done on a machine acquired just a few months ago) was based on older software. Still, given the sheer number of reports of security problems with Diebold machines over the years, it's quite difficult to believe that between a couple months ago and now, they've solved all the security issues. In fact, given Rubin's report from yesterday -- it sounds like their "security measures" are so weak as to be a joke. What's most amazing of all is that Diebold continues to act defiantly about this, despite overwhelming proof that their machines have tremendous fundamental problems. Given the importance of secure and accurate elections, Diebold's continued denial of problems and attitude that there's no problem at all should concern just about everyone. Yet, it seems like they're being used almost everywhere.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 14 Sep 2006 @ 9:24am

    I'm not worried in Sanford, FL

    When I went to vote in the primary election here a week or two ago, I'd thought some local retirement community or AARP group had been contracted to operate the polling locations. Unless the hack was done by people voting and not the people operating the place, I somehow seriously doubt they'd manage to pull off anything at all. :)

    Not to mention, for whatever reason, there were 4 men sitting at a desk off to the side who did nothing but watch the 2 - 3 people voting like hawks. Out of sheer boredom or what, I don't know.

    My main concern: Low turnout. Wtf does it matter if voting is 98% fair or 99% of the time fair if turnout is as abysmal, and getting worse, like it is? At 20, I was the youngest person there, except for some grandkids a couple grandparents brought with them. Again, the people voting were like the AARP members who didnt pull the short stick and have to work the polls themselves.

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