by Mike Masnick

How Do You Hate Your Mobile Phone Company? Let Me Count The Ways...

from the it-goes-on-and-on-and-on dept

Yesterday, we were talking about how the mobile phone operators have started insulting each other as a way to avoid having to actually focus on how much their own networks also have problems. However, they're not fooling anyone. People still love to hate their mobile operators, and PC World is listing out just a few of the ways... and we'd imagine it can go on and on and on. While perhaps they can get away with it when everyone else is just as bad, at some point it's going to be a serious problem. Instead of fighting over whose bad system is slightly better, isn't it worth actually addressing some of the many customer complaints?

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  1. identicon
    A frustrated customer, 20 Sep 2006 @ 8:58am


    I am a T-Mobile customer. Recently whenever I tried to call a number, usually an answering machine kicked in. I was occassionaly lucky to find somebody to talk.

    You hear your phone ringing, but actually it is not ringing on the other end; after a while answering service starts asking you to leave a message.

    I tried to send a complaint through their website, it is temporarily out of service-I waited about 2 hours to send the e-mail. No chance.

    I phoned their tech department, an untrained person with limited knowledge asnwered me, it took me 15 minutes to explain her the problem. She was confused I asked to talk to her supervisior. She was not helpful either.

    Yesterday 3 of my friends switched to another company frustrated with the same problem. I told her, she wanted to use me as a test case. I told her it is not my phones only but there so many people around me having the same problem, but she was not able to comprehend the serious nature of the problem. She insisted that I should agree to be her test case. I had no time for them. Neither have I any intention of helping them by spending another 2 hours or so. It is their problem, I can easliy swith to another company by paying a switching cost. What is the point of paying T-Moibile around 100 dollars per month if you are not able to use their services?

    It is pitty, you can not reach to some high level people to inform them what is going on. So called award winning customer services-they all claim more or less the same-have no link to reach a higher authority within the company.

    As a loyal T-Mobile customer, I feel very sorry, I may consider swithing to another service provider.

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