by Mike Masnick

How Do You Hate Your Mobile Phone Company? Let Me Count The Ways...

from the it-goes-on-and-on-and-on dept

Yesterday, we were talking about how the mobile phone operators have started insulting each other as a way to avoid having to actually focus on how much their own networks also have problems. However, they're not fooling anyone. People still love to hate their mobile operators, and PC World is listing out just a few of the ways... and we'd imagine it can go on and on and on. While perhaps they can get away with it when everyone else is just as bad, at some point it's going to be a serious problem. Instead of fighting over whose bad system is slightly better, isn't it worth actually addressing some of the many customer complaints?

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  1. identicon
    Dotelpenguin, 12 Sep 2006 @ 2:58pm

    Re: Sprint's customer service is a human hamsterma

    The funny thing is I had the EXACT opposite problem. Cingular did to me what sprint did to you, and sprint took care of me. Gotta love it.

    Worst i've delt with is Tmobile. I bought a Ipaq from them, which never worked period. The techs could not make the internet it work on the Celular network, only the wifi. Keep in mind I paid for a unlimited dataservice that never worked. After 9 days I returned the phone, and they wanted me to pay for a month of data service. The same service they could never make work, the reason for the return. Finaly I get a manager to cancel fees. 3 months later I get letter from collections, They want $800+ for fees and service for the last 3 months of service. 20 hours of phone calls later they made me bring in the credit card receipt that proved I returned the phone. Problem goes away. untill 6 months later AGAIN when I get a $2000+ bill from collections for late fees and service on a phone I no longer own. Repeat call and yell, it was disasturous. it's been about 1 year since i've heard from them. Hopefully I won't get a court summions for $10,000 bill in the next few months. hehe

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