EMI Demands IP Addresses From Everyone Who Downloaded Beatles/Beach Boys Mashup

from the DJ-Dangermouse-Part-II dept

EMI, it appears, just doesn't learn. Two years ago, DJ Dangermouse (now gaining a ton of fame for the ridiculously popular Gnarls Barkley tune Crazy) created a mashup of the Beatles' White Album and Jay-Z's Black Album, called the Grey Album. It was a big hit, and probably attracted some fans of one artist to the music of the other. One thing it clearly did not do, is hurt the sales of either artist. It was clearly not a replacement for the music of either one. But, EMI and Capitol Records, who own the rights to the Beatles music, apparently didn't understand that. Their lawyers went nuts sending out cease and desist letters. Jump forward to a few weeks ago, when producer Clayton Counts, mashed up the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club album with the Beach Boys Pet Sounds. Considering the history of the two albums, and the constant comparisons between the two, this seems like a natural "mashup" project. So, what happens? As Boing Boing points out, EMI and Capitol Records have pulled the same stunt, sending out a nastygram cease-and-desist letter, which you pretty much had to expect. However, rather than just demanding that Counts take down the music, the letter (which, of course, is meaningless from a legal standpoint), also demands the IP addresses of anyone who might have streamed or downloaded the songs. Counts is ignoring the cease-and-desist, and it's anyone's guess if the label will pursue this issue, but it again raises issues about lawyers making business decisions without thinking through the actual impact on their business.

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  1. identicon
    Wikipedia is Not a source of Facts, 9 Sep 2006 @ 7:35am

    So many post in blogs "Go to Wikipedia, it's there man!" Everything and anything can be added to Wikipedia and has no "truthiness" to it. If you watched the episode of The Colbert Report where he proved that it is a bad idea, you would know how stupid it looks on your part to point to a fictitious website for facts. Not surprising considering your head is full of bullshit tablespoon fed to you by your birth cunt mom.
    Propaganda lives enternity, you will die before the lies are squashed. In the meantime, keep lying to yourself and justifying why you should not pay someone for services rendered but wish to kill anyone that doesn't pay you for your work (if your dumbasses even get off your obese lard chunks and labor).
    You won't have any new music to steal when music becomes a volunteer act. Don't lie and say you'll spend your time mastering a great beat and awesome lyrics for nothing. You can't even part with twelve dollars, to busy poking your 3 inch limpy in front of porn all day.
    And to those liars who state that you will buy their concert tickets to show support. A ticket will cost at least four times as much as a CD, you don't know for sure the band will play in your area (and I highly doubt your lazy ass is going to drop your schedules, work, and life to throw money into a road trip), and if they do play in your area you'll have to be able to have the free time to attend. But who's kidding who, right? We both know you are as full of shit as a portie pottie at one of those concerts you claim to attend.

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